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  Engineering Risk Consultants (ERC)  


Alberto Conesa
Senior Risk Engineer

Olivier Chazelas
Senior Risk Engineer



Engineering Risk Consultants (ERC) was originally founded in 1987 as Associated Risk Management Limited [ARM] before being re-branded as ERC in 2009.  ERC remains an independent engineering consultancy and provides engineering services to clients across a broad range of industries and areas of expertise.  Working closely with the insurance risk placing divisions of UIB Ltd, ERC delivers quality engineering surveys and risk control information utilised by the insurance markets.

Insurance Related Services

ERC’s principal service is to provide an independent assessment of the Client’s risks and provide risk improvement advice to the Client. Provision of accurate underwriting information and assessment of risk is a key factor in the successful placing of insurance programmes in the current environment. 
The assessment of risk compares the facility being surveyed to similar facilities and industries against a world-wide standard.  As well as an assessment of the physical condition of the property, an assessment is made of the key management functions that control the exposures to risk e.g. inspection, maintenance, operations and loss control functions.  ERC assessments follow a logical and structured approach and provide a consistent basis for the comparison of risks and subsequent re-surveys.  An assessment is also made of the maximum monetary exposures to assist in the placing of insurance

Impartial and Unique

ERC offers impartial advice to its clients, maintaining a professional and pragmatic approach to the service it provides.  Most notably, ERC has provided direct services to end user clients in industry (i.e. the insured), underwriters and brokers.  UIB’s clients often expand the scope of work beyond insurance related services to address specific needs or address explicit problems or concerns.

Tailored ERC Services

ERC’s engineering services are tailored to meet the needs of the Client.  Any programme or services would be developed to incorporate specific areas of concern that the Client might have.  The services would normally take in to consideration future developments as well as the current status of the client’s facilities.  With a forward thinking approach, ERC’s services offer a dynamic solution to ever changing conditions. A tailored programme could include:

Review of insurance surveys

  • Review current and previous insurance survey assessments/reports
    • Key issues, consistencies and deviations between reports
  • Review of estimates of maximum loss
  • Review insurance recommendations
    • Analysis of identified risk
    • Advice on managing and responding to recommendations
    • Discussion of suitable mitigating measures
      • Acceptable alternative methods of risk reduction
  • Cost benefit analysis of recommendations

Assessment of Risk

  • Cross exposures between project(s) and operational areas
  • Cross exposures between client property and neighbouring facilities
  • Potential changes in future exposures
  • Critical exposures studies
    • Availability of power
    • Availability and storage of materials
    • Storage and shipment of product
  • Insured Perils
  • Natural Perils

Training Courses

  • Process Safety Management
  • Permit To Work Systems
  • Hazard Assessment
    • Hazard recognition
    • HazOp and hazard assessment studies
  • Contingency Planning
  • Procedure Management
  • Accident Reporting, Investigation and Analysis


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