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  Credit insurance is an invaluable aid to successful national and international business-to-business trade. It covers the risk of financial loss that can occur when trade credit is offered by a business to its corporate customers.   CONTACT

Stephen Palles-Clark
Executive Director



Buyers and sellers often use credit to facilitate trade, particularly in today’s global marketplace. But although credit keeps the business world turning, it is not without risk for sellers. If a trade counterparty becomes insolvent or defaults on payment for other reasons, it can have a critical impact on the balance sheet of the supplier.

Policies are structured to provide certainty of cover and are underwritten with the aim of forming long-term partnerships with clients.

What Cover is Available?

  • Whole-turnover
  • Multi-buyer
  • Excess of Loss
  • Single Buyer
  • Top-up Cover
  • Surety Bonds

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