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Stephen Palles-Clark
Executive Director


Employers’ liability – liability for injury to Employees is compulsory for a limit of £5,000,000 each and every claim and is on a claims occurring basis. Effective mitigation of liability by proactive Health & Safety management and risk assessments play an important part in controlling premium costs.

Public/Products liability – injury to third parties or damage to third party property arising out of the business or any products sold, supplied or maintained.

Financial Loss Cover - the trigger for cover under a Public/Products Liability Cover is injury or physical damage. Whilst UK Courts rarely impose a liability for financial costs alone, it can happen or could result in defence costs even if the claimant were unsuccessful.

Product Guarantee and Recall - costs associated with a product failing to perform and being recalled can be substantial as can damage the brand name if not handled professionally.

Product Tamper, Contamination and Recall – Accidental or deliberate malicious tamper of products can also present a significant cost implications.

Environmental Liability – increasingly, the government is passing legislation to impose liability on polluters and owners of contaminated land both in terms of damages to third parties and in respect of the clean up cost of the site.

Employment Practice Liability – cover for defence costs and damages arising out of employment disputes can be bought as a standalone policy or as an add on to a Directors and Officers policy (caution should be taken to ensure that the D&O and EPL covers retain their own limits), or a legal expenses policy.

Pension Trustee Liability – Trustees of pension funds carry an onerous responsibility and should ensure that the fund buys cover – they should not rely on the fund or the employer providing an indemnity as should the entities cease to exist or not have sufficient funds to meet the indemnity there will be no financial assistance for the trustee.

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